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Best Games Similar to Rise of Empires

Best Games Similar to Rise of Empires

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play that has the same epic strategy of Rise of Empires, then you’re in luck. Here are the five best games similar to Rise of Empires:

Clash of Kings

This is one of the most popular mobile strategy games and it’s easy to see why. You build your own kingdom, raise an army and fight against other players in huge battles. You also get to explore new lands, upgrade your kingdom and build alliances with other players.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

This game has an excellent mix of real-time and turn-based strategy elements. You can build your own kingdom and command an army to battle against rival kings, conquer castles, and develop cities in realistic historical settings from the Middle Ages.

Age of Sparta

This game puts you in control of ancient Greek city-states in a classic turn-based strategy game format. You must recruit heroes, upgrade your city and train a powerful army to conquer rival cities as well as mythical monsters like cyclops and minotaurs.

Boom Beach

In this game, you must lead a powerful military force against enemy islands to free enslaved islanders, collect resources and fight against enemy bases on tropical islands. The graphics are great and the fast-paced strategic combat requires tactical thinking and creativity to win battles quickly.

Stronghold Kingdoms

This is another popular online strategy game set during the medieval era where you can build a unique kingdom by constructing castles, villages and more while also trading resources with other players online or fighting them in epic battles with up to 32 players on one map!

04 Apr 2023